Racine, WI

Crown Point, IN

TREASURER - Philip Lee
St. Louis, MO

Mission Plan Director -Sandy Fredenburgh
Greenwich, CT

CLYFR Representative - Hannah Long
Macungie, PA

COUNSELOR - Rev. Paul Biber
St. Louis, MO

TO FIND all you need to know to connect with the world of Lutheran youth ministry in the SELC District and beyond go to the Luther League web site. Here you will find not only officially organized youth events, such as the District Youth Conventions for both High School and Junior High, but also can connect with special Youth gathering events in the various circuits of the district.

FOR FURTHER NEWS AND YOUTH EVENTS of interest to SELC District youth please go to the Luther League web site.

The LCMS Department of Youth Ministry web site lists many helpful resources for youth leaders. The navigation menu lists the a variety of categories such as: Network, Events, Leadership, LYF, Gathering, Resources, Links, and Servant Events. The Network menu provides a copy of the monthly Youth Ministry E-Bulletin and other current youth ministry information. The Links menu provides web links to youth organizations, publishers, research, other resources. The Leadership menu provides detailed information about coming youth leadership events.


Esource Pic
Youth ESource is a new resource for youth and youth leaders. Some years ago, the LCMS Youth Department published Resources for Youth Ministry, a quarterly publication with article, skits, activities, and Bible studies for youth leaders.Youth ESource is an online publication, which provides similar resources at no cost. Articles can be read online or printed. Skits, activities, and Bible studies can be printed and reproduced. Reviews of current movies and music are features that are new in this online publication. ESource is updated monthly. Check it out at