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SELC Bearing Witness

If you are like me, you grew up in a Christian household and have no memory of living apart from God. The promises of of God in His Son Jesus have been a persistent refrain throughout my life. I have always considered the Holy Spirit's work in my life through my family as a great gift and evidence of God's loving care. My parents worked diligently to pass the faith that they had received from their parents on to me and my brothers and sister. They believed it was their most important and solemn duty to pass God's promises on to me.

A new Satanic attack against lifelong Christians and Evangelism has sprung up in my most recent conversations with non-believers. The satanic attack runs like this: The fact that God's plan for families has worked so effectively in my life is not so much evidence of God care for me, but simply evidence of the fact that I have unquestioningly taken on the beliefs and practices of my parents. I am living an unenlightened and unexamined life. I have essentially been spiritually brainwashed from life long exposure to this one worldview and am mentally divorced from the harsh realities of real life. My witness is discredited because I have always been a believer and never known life apart from Christ. The fact that I am a Christian then has nothing to do with the Truth or Falsehood of God's promises in Jesus Christ, but simply a matter of my personal upbringing. If my parents had worshiped another god or no god at all, I would be devoted in that direction instead. In this case then, my faith life is simply a matter of God's capriciousness, geography, and family loyalties.

Satan attempts to cast doubt on God's good gifts and promises. The attack however is simply a distraction. It is an attempt to make me feel guilty that I have been blessed and others without parents who loved the Lord faithfully have been left out in the cold. I simply remind the one I am sharing Jesus with that our conversation is about the Lord's work here and now. The fact that others in the world are still waiting for the Lord's light is no reason to reject God's promises. Would it make sense to claim that I would never believe the Gospel unless everyone else already did?

In this case it is no honor to be the last man standing, it is simply evidence of being the last hold out of death and darkness in the face of Light and Life, and Satan has already earned that "honor." May our Lord honor your witness with the growing fruits of new faith and life in His name.
New Grant Application

SELC District grants for Evangelism are specifically intended to help our members the resources they need to share the promises of God in Jesus Christ with lost people. If you are looking for a little direct financial assistance to fund the mission of God in your congregation or if there is a new creative way you would like to bring your members into witnessing and mentoring relationships with unbelievers. The grant process has a new form and streamlined approval process. Talk to Pastor Paul Hoyer for more information.